CoCreative Agency is branching out! (and getting a face lift)

On January 1, 2018, CoCreative Agency officially launched and we thought it would be a good idea to look back at how Co+C was born and also give the brand a face lift that would steer us in a new direction.

CoCreative Agency founder Wanauma Graham has been crafting websites for more than 15 years. Fresh and full of curiosity she began self-teaching, dabbling, and creating. She had specific skills in design; creating the look and feel, color strategy, and balancing space, but most effective were her abilities in idea creation and churning business ideas into visual, breathable works. Her love and respect for space and color still permeates our signature style today.

We've worked with a range of clients, of all shapes and sizes, across a variety of industries. There's no better time than now for us to forge a new beginning to ensure we stayed aligned with our purpose and passion. We create beautiful and functional websites. Not only do we strive to deliver web designs that are pleasing to the eye, smooth in look and feel, and striking, we also want to design hubs that are functional and engaging.

That means we need a new look, new talent, and a brand spanking new portfolio that will represent our best work. We're expanding our reach with new projects coming up for a number of start-up businesses, as well as businesses in the high-end beauty, fashion, and real estate industries.

We're so lucky and have embraced our abundant spirit. We look forward to a strong finish of 2018 and exciting, new things to come for 2019.