We create things to help entrepreneurial & creative women thrive in business.

Girl with Tight Curls

Our signature creative style is minimal, bold, and colorful.

Introducing BFM Agency. A Division of Boss Free Media. Formerly known as CO.

Unlike most stories we’ve heard, our lives don't follow a predetermined course. ​Our experiences are constantly shifting, and creating is how we make sense of it.


We create things to help entrepreneurial and creative women thrive in business. We have a knack for creating minimalist templates that aren't just drop dead gorgeous, but also functional. 


We work remotely, unrestricted by commutes, walls, or even cities. Our crazy, carefree lifestyle makes us healthier, more creative and productive.​ ​​


We are creative beings with multiple personalities - not ashamed to admit it. Over time we've realized that we may have an obsessive, compulsive disorder about freedom, but don't let that scare you. We don't need professional help, just projects to relieve our creative itch. ​Creative freedom makes us happy.

Enjoy our templates and we wish you the very best with your new business or project!